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October 2008

The Turnip Point

October 7, 2008

Nothing makes me happier than making beef stew on an autumn day. Well, except having someone else make it, of course. Or ordering a pizza to be delivered. Or heating up leftovers. But other than that, really, beef stew is it. So a few Saturdays ago when I woke up and announced that it was […]

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Don’t You Hate It When

October 6, 2008

You take your son to Pennsylvania to visit his friend that moved away, and while you’re away, your husband and daughter are at home, sleeping in late, dining out, going to soccer practice, making bacon and eggs for breakfast and as you’re sitting on the train ride back home, you know, based on previous experience […]

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Excuse Me

October 5, 2008

but I was just on a train with two seven year old boys, who played Pokemon for an hour and a half and whenever they called the same Pokemon at the same time, they’d scream, “JINX!” and then one kid would say, “The Jinx machine is out of order, kiss my butt and give me […]

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Highlights of the Week

October 3, 2008

Saturday: Husbandrinka takes our son Halloween costume shopping. Son decides he wants to be The Incredible Hulk. At home, the costume is tried on, the receipt is lost and son has Halloween Costume Remorse. Sunday: Husbandrinka returns from the farmers’ market with so many tomatoes that I worry that he cashed out our 401K plans […]

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Things That I’ve Wished That I Could Have Payarized People To Have Did For Me

October 2, 2008

hey, ever get into a grammatically awkward title and don’t have the energy to fix it? I, too! Here’s my list of ten things that I wish other people would do in my place. 1. Pee. Before you start polishing up your resume, I should explain. This applies post-childbirth only. After I had my c-section […]

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A Humorless Post

October 2, 2008

Yesterday was a hard day for me. Not because anything happened, but because the enormity of being a parent sometimes catches up with me and it’s overwhelming. I had a meeting about one of my children and although it went well, I started crying on the subway on my way to work. Here’s what I’ve […]

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Scene from a Marriage

October 1, 2008

Marinka: Am I your trophy wife? Husbandrinka: No. Marinka: Why not? Husbandrinka: Because you are my real wife, my partner and the mother of my children. You are not someone that I married to impress anyone because I am old and am having a midlife crisis. Linda Hunt: In other words, you think it would […]

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