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March 2011

I Don’t See Why Sophie’s Choice Was So Tough

March 16, 2011

(This post was inspired by a conversation I had with Kelcey and Wendi. But the views herein are my own. As is the use of the word herein.) _______________ I’m sort of reeling today. I read a post that I will not link to written by a woman who basically said that she loved her […]

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Sleepover Lies

March 14, 2011

Unless you’re an insane lunatic, you know that the most important part of parenting is to make sure that you never, ever host another child for a sleepover. Because sleepover is a fucking misnomer. It’s more like a nosleepover. Which is fine if the kids are at someone else’s house. And not fine if they’re […]

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It’s-Not-Endorsed by US Weekly Chat!

March 11, 2011

Welcome! Once again this week I lovingly reviewed the newest and freshest issue of US Weekly and picked out the most important nuggets for us to concentrate us. Now I am not perfect. Really. Last week, I missed the important news that Kathy Griffin was dating the Old Spice guy. Fortunately, Metalia caught it. See, […]

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It’s the USA! vs. Russia! I’m Right, You’re Wrong

March 10, 2011

We’re back with I’m Right, You’re Wrong, and with referring to myself as the royal we. Uncomfortable, right? Let’s get straight to work! Today’s dilemma is: When someone greets you with a hi, how are you?what is the appropriate response? Disagreers: People who grew up in the United States and People who grew up in […]

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Suri Cruise: Having to Choose Between Heels and a Pacifier

March 9, 2011

The internet is going through a mini explosion right now, and this time it’s not Charlie Sheen’s fault. See, Suri Cruise, the adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has been photographed with a pacifier in her mouth. When I first saw it, I was outraged.  I mean, fourteen is way too old to […]

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March 8, 2011

My parents and I  have the perfect relationship. Because they do favors for me all the time and I never do favors for them.  It’s just that they never ask.  Except last week Papa got all confused about how our relationship works and did ask. Poor thing, getting on in years. The problem is that […]

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March 7, 2011

Young Ladrinka: Mom, I want to use the computer. Marinka: I’m using it now, sunbeam. Young Ladrinka:  Why do you get to use it? Marinka: Because I’m using it for work. Young Ladrinka:  Well I want to use it for games.  

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US Weekly Chat

March 4, 2011

Welcome back (or welcome) to US Weekly Chat!  A safe haven for discussing the news and information that we learned from the latest issue of US Weekly. I, for one, am still trying to get over the tidbit we learned from Suzy last week, when she revealed that a huge percentage of people think that […]

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