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March 2011

Get Ready For Snark!

March 3, 2011

Today is Thursday, which means that tomorrow is US Weekly Chat on Motherhood in NYC, or as some losers refer to it, Friday.  This would be a wonderful time for you to go out and grab a copy of US Weekly so that tomorrow, when the discussion is underway, you’re not all “d’oh!” and “I […]

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March 2, 2011

What, me? Oh, nothing. I’m okay. Nope, nothing’s wrong. DON’T LOOK IN THAT CABINET! Haha, no, that’s fine, I was kidding. GET AWAY FROM THE CABINET, I WASN’T KIDDING! I thought it if I said that I were kidding, you’d lose all interest in the cabinet, how was I supposed to know how your criminally […]

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Da Benjamins: A Financial Guide

March 1, 2011

Please welcome The Flying Chalupa, my very last guest poster! For now. She is hysterical and you’ll even learn something. Please check out her blog, and my favorite, How To Diaper a Pterodactyl. And make sure to follow her on Twitter! -Marinka I can’t find any Benjamins at the moment, but I gotta fistful of […]

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