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October 2011

I’m Not Saying That My Daughter is An Anthropomorphising Drama Queen

October 18, 2011

But I am saying that Frank is a balloon. I’m sorry, was a balloon.

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Tips For Attending A Writing Conference

October 17, 2011

Later this week I will be attending the first ever writing conference sponsored by BlogHer and Penguin in NYC. Obviously I am excited! This is a stepping stone to a literary career and I expect to come out of it with a few agents, a bidding war and a Pulitzer Prize in Yet Unwritten Works. […]

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Thank You!

October 15, 2011

I’ve been so, so excited about Wanted Cat, the website and Wanted: Cat our inter-species children’s book! And very grateful for all the support it received from my friends and fellow patriots Wendi and Anna and Stasha and Shari,and Barbara, who doesn’t have a blog, and who has been so supportive and you, what are […]

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Cool Mom

October 14, 2011

I’ve always prided myself on being a Cool Mom. A mom who the kids see as more of a pal than an authority figure. An older pal, maybe, but a pal nonetheless. And I’m always looking for ways to up my coolness. Like the other day Kelcey and I were emailing each other and she […]

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October 13, 2011

Last night I was sitting peacefully and minding my own business when 10 year old Young Ladrinka came out of his room and asked me for help with his homework. That’s the problem with kids today– they refuse to suffer in silence. “I don’t get this math problem,” he told me and shoved a piece […]

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My Pregnancy Changed Me

October 12, 2011

Let me just rip the band-aid off and tell you. I loved being pregnant. Not just because of the whole miracle of birth/I’m carrying a human being inside of me/OMG, what a miracle! part, although that was certainly a bonus. I loved being pregnant because for what seemed like the first time in my life, […]

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Upstairs, Downstairs

October 9, 2011

Cast of characters: Marinka, a 40-something year old wife and mother. When our scene opens, she is in the kitchen, weeping. Mostly because she is chopping onions, but also for humanity. Young Ladrinka, a 10 year old boy. In the living room, on the couch, playing the Wii. * * * Young Ladrinka: Mom, I’m […]

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I Started A New Website And Almost Lost My Damn Mind

October 7, 2011

So here’s my big news. After many, many months of talking about it, I wrote a children’s book, based loosely on the story of how Nicki came into our lives. And when I say loosely, I mean word-for-word as it really happened. Originally, I wanted to write the book with my daughter, but she was […]

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