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February 2012

Dream Girl

February 4, 2012

Last week I had a dream about a boy that I went to high school with. There was really no reason for me to dream about him. We didn’t spend time together in high school, we had some of the same classes but we didn’t study together, we were not friends, we did not go […]

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February 3, 2012

The other day I was emailing with my “friend” Peajaye and mentioned how Husbandrinka was going to be spending the night in the homeless shelter. He does that as volunteer work at his church. And when I say ‘his church’ I mean the church that he attends, lest you think that he leads a congregation. […]

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How To Live With A Teenager

February 1, 2012

1. Receive an email from your teenager with a subject line “I’m too lazy to walk over to your room so I’m emailing you instead!!!!” 2. Rejoice that you’ve raised such an energy-efficient child. 3. Read the email and learn that your teen and her BFF want to learn a foreign language so that they […]

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