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March 2012

I’m Right, You’re Wrong: On Your Period, Lass?

March 19, 2012

It’s time, once again, for I’m Right, You’re Wrong. A few weeks ago, my sister Mouthy Housewife Wendi tackled the issue of what to do when your friend refers to menstruation as “being on my period.”  Some sick shit, right?  Well, no sooner did that happen than my friend and homosexual-American Peajaye and I almost […]

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Dear Fresh Diet

March 18, 2012

Dear Fresh Diet, It’s been five days since you stopped magically appearing at my door and I miss you. Five days that I have had to make my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Five days when the kids asked “do we have any snacks?” I had to sigh and pretend to look for something nutritious […]

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Books I’m Reading

March 17, 2012

One day I’m going to get a book that was written by a friend and I’m not going to like it and then that’s going to be an awkward moment in front of my keyboard. Because what do you say? What do you do? Well the good news is that I have a while longer […]

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The Wife Is Always The Last To Know

March 15, 2012

Husbandrinka has turned into a bit of a health nut recently, eating healthful foods, swimming, drinking only on occasion. (And not on the “it’s evening! I made it through another day!” occasion that I seem to be celebrating.) He also walks to work. His office is a few miles away, so he has to leave […]

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The Fresh Diet

March 14, 2012

Last month I was contacted by The Fresh Diet people and invited to eat all of their food. Or some of their food, I’m not really good on the fine print. The idea would be that I would try the food for a week and then share my experience on my blog. Since there’s nothing […]

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Allow Me To Rant

March 13, 2012

Or don’t. But I’m going to anyway. Because things have been on my mind, and my mind can only handle so much before releasing its contents into the wild. 1. Don’t plagiarize. So to sum up, one blogger, and I use the word loosely, stole Amalah’s content and then when she got caught offered an […]

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March 12, 2012

Here is a conversation that I had with Mama about the high school that we are considering for our daughter for next year. Mama: It sounds good school, except I read they have gangs. Marinka: Well not anymore. That was like in the 70s. Everyone had gangs back then. Mama: Where did gang go? Marinka: […]

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Things That I Wondered About As I Read The Hunger Games

March 10, 2012

So I just finished reading The Hunger Games and am now reading the second book in the trilogy. I love, love, love it, but some things are driving me crazy. This post has spoilers. Not so much about the books, but about how my mind works. Or “works”. 1. Why aren’t more people named Katniss? […]

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