Back and Blonde

by Marinka on May 4, 2014

I’m back home from Rome and absolutely no one feels sorry for me.

I drop hints, trying to elicit sympathy, but my “it’s been days since I’ve had a gelato!” and “the Campari over there is so much better than the bastardization they serve in NYC” proclamations have been met with the kind of indifference that makes you wonder what is happening to us as the human race. And also, yes, you can get a Campari in NYC, but then you are that person who’s getting a Campari in NYC. Stick with the Pinot.

I’ve been adjusting and processing the trip and I keep getting stuck at that moment when I checked into the hotel and then Daisy walked in, fresh as a you-know-what, hugged me, looked at me and said “you’re too blonde,” as she settled on the love seat.

Now I have many things working against me, but I never thought my hair color was on the list. But Daisy did. Too blonde, she said. And then she added We’re too old for that, just in case I was feeling too fantastic about my lot in life.

I don’t know, maybe she had a point. I tried to transition to my natural red years ago. Apparently you can’t go straight from blonde to red because that’s how science works or something. The hair colorist put in a few red streaks in my hair and other than the fact that I looked like I had a head wound, it worked out pretty well. I mean, for me. Because I didn’t have to look at it.

“I’d like to go back to red hair,” I told her my hair colorist a few years ago and she shook her head sadly. It wasn’t possible, she said. And then she launched into an explanation, but there’s only so long that I can listen to someone talk about hair, apparently even if it is my own.

When I explained this to Daisy (and by “explained” I mean said words like “impossible” and “science” and “Campari”) she didn’t buy it.

“There are many things in this world you can’t have,” she told me. “But you can have the hair color you want.”

And you know what? Damn it, she’s right. I can get the hair color I want.

Except when I mentioned it to Wendi this past weekend during our Mom 2.0 weekend, she didn’t seem to be on board. But she may have a Blonde Bias.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 9.24.01 PM

And I don’t even want to know what Kelcey is going to say once she finds out.

But I’m letting you know that posting may be light for a while because I am going to be having things like “consultations” with several colorists that have been recommended to me.

Please keep me in your prayers. It looks like I’ll be having a lot less fun soon.

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