Blogging the Resurrection

by Marinka on March 15, 2009

Ann of Ann’s Rants has been hosting “blog posts that you may have missed” over on her blog and I am lucky to have an old post of mine recycled there! It’s a post that’s near and dear to my heart (I’m getting sentimental now!), and I hope you’ll go there to check it out!

I am not a religious person, although I have a back up plan to convert to all the major religions on my deathbed, just in case. I think it’s because I grew up as an atheist in the Soviet Union. Thanks a lot, uncle Lenin! I am not apologetic about it, it’s my personal history and it’s no more or less valid than anyone else’s. But you should know that whatever flaws or shortcomings I have are directly attributable to it.
I was thinking what it would have been like to live during a certain time in history and blog about it. So I chose something mundane and uncontroversial.

So, if you read my post two weeks ago last Friday, you’ll know that I was fuming that Husbandrinka and I were stuck in this huge traffic jam over the weekend because, get this, there was a crucifixion going on and everyone was rubbernecking. I got totally car sick from all the stop and go traffic. Fucking Romans.

Well, there’s more. Apparently, he rose. You know, JC, not Husbandrinka. And I’m all like, great, I just know that General Hospital is going to be pre-empted again because of this and Husbandrinka is all “How can you think about a stupid soap opera at a time like this? This is really important, it’s going to change the course of history.” Really, Husbandrinka, history? A resurrection, and the whole world’s going to change? And they say that we womenfolk are hysterical. So this is just a quick blog post, but I hear they’re putting together a whole book about it. Like who’s going to want to read that stuff? Toodles for now! By the way, has anyone heard from Judas? He hasn’t posted on his blog since “The Seder: A Meal to Remember” last week.

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