by Marinka on August 26, 2009

My daughter calls her 8 year old brother “brat” and he fumes, saying that it’s super unfair and he shouldn’t have to live with such indignity and assault on his character. Of course, I agree. I tell my daughter that she shouldn’t use hurtful words and knock it the hell off, besides.

“It’s not hurtful,” she says. “It means ‘brother’.”

You see, my mama has been giving them Russian lessons. And “braht” in Russian means “brother”. Apparently, my daughter thinks that I have suffered a mental impairment because she expects me to believe that when she tells him “you are such a brat!” that she means “You are such a brother!”

Mama couldn’t agree with her more. “Don’t be snob of accent,” she tells me. “Your daughter is learning the Russian. It’s beautiful.”

Yes, beautiful. Of course I pronounce “beautiful”–“eedeeoteek”

For more Russian hijinx, please check out my guest post at Vicki Boykis’ blog. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it involves my explaining a Russian tradition to Husbandrinka.

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