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Let Them Eat Cake

May 15, 2011

Last week, my kids’ school had Cake Day. Everyone could participate and bake a cake at home and bring it to school to be admired and either donated or eaten afterwards. Personally, I’m more of a cake eater than a cake baker. For some reason that life skill isn’t valued as much. Unfortunately, Young Ladrinka […]

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Chili Fairy

June 16, 2010

Scene:  Saturday evening at the Marinka household.  Husbandrinka is making dinner for the family. Marinka is relaxing with a few dozen episodes of “Law and Order” during which she becomes concerned that she’s coming down with a touch of Alzheimer’s because a lot of the actors look familiar, and yet she can’t place them. Marinka […]

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March 9, 2010

Fantastic news, everyone! New York City chef Daniel Angerer is now serving cheese made from his wife’s breast milk! If you’re like me, this means that your gastronomical prayers have been answered. Why put up with one more morsel of the same old cow-sheep-goat cheese while dining out, when you can have Lori Mason cheese. […]

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The Pork Roasteths

February 10, 2010

I was alone with the pork. (For part one of this saga, click here) I did what any normal person would do when facing a huge piece of meat. I called my mama. “Mama!” I said. “I’m making a 24 hour pork.” “24 hours?” she gasped. “Oh, you mean, marinating.” “No, mama,” I said sadly, […]

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What’s Pork is Prologue: The 24 Hour Roast

February 10, 2010

I’ve just about had it with Nigella Lawson. You know, the swimsuit model/chef, author of How to Be A Domestic Goddess cookbook. I don’t have that cookbook, but I have the one entitled Nigella Bites. Boy, does she ever. Let me back up a bit. Three weeks ago Saturday, I took out Nigella Bites and […]

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Now You’re Cooking!

December 14, 2009

Last week I was invited to attend a special cooking event with Dave Lieberman, who is also one of People’s 50 Hottest Bachelors and is known, among people with eyes, as the Culinary Cutie. The event was sponsored by Del Monte and Dave was going to show us how to cook with Del Monte products […]

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Green Market Cuisine

November 15, 2009

Ah, autumn! It’s time to head to the green market and gather some of nature’s bounty!  Because today I am cooking with the freshest ingredients from local farms, thereby supporting my farmer friends and guaranteeing healthful eating for my family.  I am awesome.  My Saturday morning is off to a fantastic start! What’s this?  A […]

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I, Chef

October 20, 2009

Last spring I made stuffed cabbage, based on a recipe in Pauline’s post.  It was such a fantastic success that a mere five months later I was ready to try another one of her recipes. Luckily for me, Pauline recently added a recipe for Bigos, a national dish of Poland. According to Pauline, I never […]

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