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Cooking and Cleaning

John & The Crockpot Plus Eight ( to Ten Hours on Low)

October 12, 2009

I owe you one. The weekend before last, I’d promised a week of posts about the crock pot and then two days into it, I realized that if I wrote one more word about it, I would not be responsible for my actions. So I tyook a crock pot break. But I am true to […]

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The Crock Pot Cometh

October 5, 2009

What you missed yesterday: Due to Husbandrinka’s cruelty, I was unable to purchase a crock pot naturally in the store, and instead had to adopt one online. Every day I monitored its shipping progress, dreaming of the day that it would be in my arms. Finally that day arrived. The crock pot arrived and I […]

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Welcome to a Week of Posts About How My Life Changed

October 4, 2009

Why a week? Because I recently read a long-ass post by someone else and in the middle of it I had to take some ADD medication just to get through it. I don’t want that to happen to you, because I care about you. So, I’m splitting a long-ass post into bite size pieces. And […]

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September 12, 2009

Last week my daughter told me that she wanted to have steak for dinner, so I said “My offspring! Your carnivorous dreams will come true!” I announced the good news to Husbandrinka. “On Thursday, we shall have steak!” He looked alarmed. “You should probably wait for me to get home so that I can prepare […]

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Good Help is Impossible To Get

September 1, 2009

In the late 1990s, when our beloved Basset Hound Mavis was still alive, we had a dog walker. But even before that, we had to interview several people to find a reliable dog walker. For reasons that I like to call “Husbandrinka’s difficult personality” it wasn’t going well. The qualities I looked for in a […]

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Russians are Delicious!

July 29, 2009

Amy has a question and needless to say, she looks to me for wisdom and inspiration. As usual. Because apparently it’s not enough that I dispense life-enhancing advice on The Mouthy Housewives, now people expect me to turn over my personal space into solving their problems. Whatever. My daughter is moving to New Orleans where […]

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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Getting a Cleaning Lady

June 28, 2009

I admit it. I just can’t get it up for the mommy wars. Medicated or Natural Childbirth? My eyelids are getting heavy. Stay at home mom vs. Working Outside the Home Mom vs. Working at Home Mom? Very heavy. Breast or Bottle? This is the most relaxing sleep I’ve had in weeks. Circumcision or Uncut? […]

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Aren’t You Sorry That We Got the Cat?

June 18, 2009

It looks like Husbandrinka thinks that we are on a sitcom where the tag line is “aren’t you sorry that we got the cat?” I’m certain that it will be renewed for many seasons and you should probably pre-order your DVD now. Like the other day, Nicki shat on our bed. Now, I admit that […]

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