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September 20, 2012

OMG, honey, something terrible happened. The freezer made this deafening sound, it was very apocalyptic, and then, are you sitting down and surrounded by loved ones who are not whores? And then it stopped working? What do you mean it stopped working? Yes, you’re in shock. Words no longer make sense. World doesn’t spin. What […]

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Loving Words

September 17, 2012

This fall is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. By a wild coincidence, it’s also Husbandrinka’s, so I started celebrating already by thinking of all the things he can do to improve our relationship, writing all the suggestions in a notebook, tying a ribbon around it and presenting it to him in lieu of a gift. Is […]

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I’m Right and He’s Wrong

September 11, 2012

Yesterday I almost killed Husbandrinka. Mostly because I thought he was already dead or worse. Having an affair. Ok, so maybe an affair is not worse than dead, unless she’s less attractive than I am, because I’m not sure that I could live with that humiliation. But this isn’t about which one would have been […]

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Hypothetically Speaking

September 5, 2012

If you are supposed to drop something off at your friend’s house and she emails you to tell you that one of her kids has lice, it’s totally ok to send your husband and his-less-than-a-full-head-of-hair in your stead, right? I’ll have a longer post, full of sound and fury (signifying you-know-what) soon. No, not lice. […]

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August 23, 2012

I know that this is a humor blog, but sometimes life just isn’t funny. Like when I was on vacation and realized that Husbandrinka was out to kill me. First he went the white water rafting route, then, as my friend Peajaye pointed out, he tried to kill me with boredom by making me tour […]

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In Montana

August 12, 2012

If you’re reading this, I’m in Montana. Don’t ask me why, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Not that Montana is a bad thing, of course, that’s ridiculous, it’s a beautiful state, but with bears who are out to get me. At first I was keeping what the insane call “an open mind.” Sure, […]

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The Birthday List

July 25, 2012

My husband told me what he wants for his birthday. I may never sleep again.

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July 23, 2012

You know how most couples have a common goal? Whether it’s to pay off your mortgage, live a more green life, be able to pay for your kids’ college, start swinging? Whatever they are, these are the goals bind couples, the journey and the struggle towards the goal empowers them. There’s no reason to restate […]

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