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August 2, 2011

I wish I had a Tumblr account. The one that everyone keeps saying is so easy to use and intuitive. But I can’t figure it out. I tried once, for two hours. And at the end, I think I created a username or maybe joined jihad, who the fuck knows. If I had a Tumblr […]

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Brace Yourself

July 25, 2011

Earlier this year I made some back of the envelope calculations and realized that we needed to make financial cutbacks. It’s almost like I foresaw this whole debt ceiling fiasco.  So I thought about it for a while, looked around my family, and decided that we’d do away with Nicki’s annual visits to the vet. […]

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Today My Daughter is Thirteen

July 4, 2011

and I celebrated by telling her that she was terminated from our joint writing projecteffective immediately. It was very, if you’ll forgive me, liberating. Why? Because I waited and waited and waited for her to come through with her part of the work and she never did. Something about school, and tests, and a trip […]

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I See Your Teacup Puppy and Raise You a Salad Spinner Cat

April 22, 2011

Have you seen those teacup puppies? source Apparently they are puppies so small that they can fit into a teacup. Why this is a good thing, I have no idea. Probably some kind of a Tea Party scam. I’m the type of weirdo who likes to have tea in her teacup and not a puppy. […]

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Nicki is a True American

March 24, 2011

This is Nicki. Nicki is our beloved cat. Don’t be alarmed, she’s fine. But this week, Husbandrinka and I went out to dinner with some friends and these friends told us that they have pet insurance for their dog. At first I got really excited because I thought they meant life insurance for their dog, […]

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong!

January 25, 2011

Welcome back to I’m Right, You’re Wrong! Today’s dilemma: Should a healthy, asymptomatic, indoor cat (Nicki) be taken to a vet for an annual check up? IN THIS ECONOMY? Cast of Disagreers: Marinka and Marinka’s 12 year old daughter (and apparently Nicki’s legal guardian.) Position One: Eh, she looks fine. Let’s skip it until the […]

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Holiday Wish

December 19, 2010

May your sweet treats always be bigger than your pet’s head! (and btw, did you see what I, and some other bloggers, want for Christmas? Wonder no more!)

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong!

November 16, 2010

Welcome to another edition of I’m Right, You’re Wrong, where I ask you to weigh in on matters of great importance. This week we have a debate centering around the love and care of our beloved cat Nicki. Disagreers: Marinka and Husbandrinka Disagreement: How should Nicki’s food be served to her? Position One: Out of […]

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