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What It Feels Like For a Girl To Leave The USSR

December 8, 2008

My parents were in their early 30s when they applied for exit visas to immigrate from the Soviet Union to America. It was the mid 70s and Soviet Jews were enjoying an Exodus, sans Charlton Heston. My father was immediately fired, my mother was denounced by her colleagues as being a traitor to her country […]

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This is Why I Don’t Like Adult Games

December 7, 2008

Generally speaking, when other adults want to play a game, I immediately want to be doing whatever is the opposite of playing a game. And yet, when the parents in my daughter’s class wanted to play a “Guess Who?” trivia game at the annual potluck dinner, I was all over it. The rules were simple. […]

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A Basic Primer on Russia: Lesson One

September 13, 2008

Since Sarah Palin is qualified to lead the free world because Alaska is spitting (or shooting) distance from Russia, I thought that I would inspire a new generation of world leaders by sharing some thoughts about Russia. Because I was born there, in the 1960s, during the Cold War (brr). And I’ve lived there for […]

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