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Wordless Wednesday with Words

Spoiler Saturday

by Marinka on November 15, 2008

I don’t mean to ruin this for anyone, but yesterday when I was on my way to work, I noticed that the Christmas tree was at Rockefeller Center already. But looking slightly more horizontal that usual.

Also, the Saks Fifth Avenue windows have been under wraps for a week, so I am expecting something spectacular. Also, they have put up those amazing snowflakes on the building, although I don’t think that they will light them up for a few weeks.  That will give me enough time to figure out how to use the flash on my camera.  

Because now I don’t know how to do it.  So my pictures in the dark look like this:

Fancy, right? And doesn’t it make you suspect that I work as Batman?


Wordful Wednesday

by Marinka on October 28, 2008

I panic easily.  A few times each week when I get out of the subway and look down Fifth Avenue, I become very concerned.  Because the Empire State Building is missing.  And apparently, I am the only one who notices, because everyone else is going about their business like nothing is wrong.  This is way too much responsibility for me.

See?  Where is the Empire State Building is not there.

But then I walk a little more, and suddenly The Empire State Building reappears.  What a relief! Although, uh-oh.  The light has now turned red and  I can’t cross the street.

                 *  *  *
On Tuesday, I walked past the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue. All the important political people stay at the Waldorf when they come to NYC and then the traffic around there is a nightmare.

Question:  Doesn’t it look like someone left an Emmy on top of the hotel?

And follow up question:  Doesn’t $400 million seem like sort of a lot to spend on the restoration?  I’m pretty sure that I could have done it for $399 million.

* * *
This week we’re taking a break from the Saks Fifth Avenue window displays because they betrayed us last week by being superdull and also because I was uptown and saw these beautiful Bergorf Goodman windows.

I love how the mannequins have that high fashion pose of being all hunched over. I can never figure out what the bad posture is all about, but John thinks that when models pose like that, they are supposed to resemble hangers. Maybe it’s one of those “No More Hangers!” pro-choice campaigns?


Werbose Wednesday

October 21, 2008

Sorry, I can’t do the whole Wordless Wednesday thing. I’m just not that good of a photographer. But I thought that every week I would post photos of New York things that catch my eye and then write a million words about it. Hey, if you don’t like it, get an injunction, the court are […]

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Wordless Wednesday. Now on Thursday. And with Words.

October 8, 2008

So, if I were you, Readerinka, I would be feeling royally ripped off just about now. Because I have the whole “NYC” thing as part of my blog and from the posts that I’ve been writing, I could be living absolutely anywhere. As long as it was well-padded, that is. Is that fair to you? […]

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