Conspiracy Theorist (or There is No "wine" In Swine Flu Vaccine)

by Marinka on October 8, 2009

Last night, I had a discussion with Husbandrinka. This is basically a transcript. Because I multi-task, and while we were talking, I was also taking notes.

Husb: Marinka, I want to get your opinion on the swine flu vaccine, because I value your wisdom.

Mar: I do not believe that we should get the swine flu vaccine.

Why, Marinka? I would like you to share your knowledge with me.

Well, for one, they rushed this vaccine through and we cannot be assured of its safety.

Who rushed the vaccine through?

The government. And maybe the vaccine company.

Now you’re sounding like one of those conspiracy theory nutcases.

I’m not. But the government is trying to kill us. Especially me. While the vaccine company gets rich. It’s a perfect trifecta, minus one.

That is nonsense. I think that the vaccine is perfectly safe.

Ok. But they developed it in like two months. They couldn’t have possibly tested it.

They were working on it for longer than that.


Sure, researchers are always working.


They are interested in getting this right, you know.


I think it’s perfectly safe.

So are you getting it?

No. But I think that you should.

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