Contest: Nicki Needs a Middle Name

by Marinka on June 2, 2009

We realized this week that our beloved cat Nicki doesn’t have a middle name. In my kids’ eyes, that’s sort of like our beloved cat Nicki not having food and water.

This must be remedied immediately and I am turning to you for suggestions. Because you were invaluable in naming my son’s loose teeth.

Some friendly reminders:

Photos of Nicki can be found in Nightly Nicki. You should probably study them for a few hours for inspiration.

Story of Nicki’s adoption!

Don’t miss the prequel!

Nicki’s story in her own words!

Nicki’s Facebook 25 Random Things About Me post.

Nicki’s shelter name was Kendra.

After we’ve had Nicki for about a week and ordered her a monogrammed wardrobe, my daughter wanted to name her Lexi.

So, in addition to seeking a middle name, we are also looking for Nicki names in the following categories:

1. Stripper name (Lexi so doesn’t have a lock on it!)
2. Porn name
3. WalMart name
4. Jewish name
5. Star Wars name

Please submit your nomination in comments, specifying the category in which you are competing.

Winners will be selected based on who submits the best name. (Ok, duh? What’s the point the random selection of winners? Isn’t this what’s wrong with America today? Yes, your suggestion of Stripey Tabby is great! You win! )

Good luck! Oh, and there’s no prize. Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the economy is shit and I can’t afford to hire a cleaning lady.

Unless not having a prize is really bad for contests. In which case, the winner can name Anymommy‘s baby. I mean, she hasn’t totally agreed to this, but I think that’s just because I haven’t asked her yet. But I’m sure that when she hears how much this would mean to me, well not to me, exactly, but to my blog, maybe not the whole blog, but this post, definitely, she will definitely agree.

So, come up with great Nicki names and the winner will get to name Anymommy‘s baby. Do contests get better than that?

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