Fukkitall and the Octuplet Mom

by Marinka on February 12, 2009

Hi, it’s me, Marinka! Remember how yesterday I said that I wasn’t going to post until Monday? A lie!  Really, you can’t be too surprised, now, can you?  

I really think that sometimes the world is divided into two types of people–those who can’t stand Robin Williams because he’s too manic and those that have a good sense of humor. Guess where I fall?  My favorite Robin Williams moment is his discussing the overmedication of America and suggests a new drug–“Fuckitall”.

Know who had some?

The octuplets mom. I have not been following the story, but I feel like the story has been following me. Here is what I know–she has a set of older twins, she was an only child and always wanted a large family (as in many children, not chunky ones), she got artificially inseminated, she paid for the artificial insemination by using money from her disability payments, she receives food stamps and some other forms of aid because two of her older children have some medical issues, she plans to support herself by applying for federal grants/aid while she pursues a degree in social work, she put her kids’ pictures on a website to ask people to give them money.


Why do I love this woman? For the same reason that I love most people who are in the news–she makes me look fantastic.

Sure, I may be sort of a slacker mom, but compared to her, I’m emptying all the shelf space in my house for all those mother of the year awards I’ll be getting.

The blogosphere has been seething over her–how dare she. She’s crazy, she’s selfish, she’s obviously had plastic surgery and how dare she deny it.

Who gives a shit?  She just birthed a litter of babies, lied about her plastic surgery and is about to have the taxpayers fill a few landfills with her kids’ diapers.  Seriously, if  we could Schadenfreude any more over her we’d be in a state of a perpetual orgasm.  

And it’s now over yet.  Because when her kids are old enough for sleepovers, there will be no dosage of Fukkitall high enough to help her.
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