Is That It?

by Marinka on June 24, 2009

My mother thinks that I do not spend a lot of time teaching my kids manners and she often gives me hints.

Last week was my son’s 8th birthday and after the party, mama called me to lodge a formal complaint.

“You know, I gave him a t-shirt and a Barnes & Noble gift certificate and he said is that it? Please conduct a series of conversations of him so that he sees the error of his ways.” (The last sentence is a loose translation from the Russian, but believe you me, that’s what she meant. I’m not one of those blogging liars, you know!)

So of course I groaned internally because giving an 8 year old a T-shirt, especially one that does not reference bodily functions, is the equivalent of giving me a gift wrapped sandwich for my birthday.

But whatever, I’m at mom, and as John says “you had your heterosexual sex fun, now take care of those kids!” so I decided to have a chit chat with Young Ladrinka.
“Hey, what’s with that is that it comment when your grandparents gave you your gifts? That’s rude, you know.”
“That’s not what I meant,” he insisted. “I meant is that it so that I could be sure to thank her for every item.”

He’s outsmarting me. That is it.

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