by Marinka on September 23, 2009

My kids say things every once in a while that I jot down and think that it would make a great blog post. Like when my daughter, after sunbathing at the beach one day this summer told me, “If you need me, I’ll be in the Atlantic!” and my son, who recently confessed, “It will be a lot easier if you just do my homework for me.”

Except it seems that after I write the quotes down, I have nothing to add to them, so it’s not so much a blog post as a sentence.

But the other day, I realized that my daughter says something a lot and that I both love and not love.

She adds “ish” to many of her sentences.

“Are you ready to go?” I ask her in the morning.

“Yes. Ish” she says. Yes-ish means that she’s not quite ready, but almost.

I don’t blame her. We’re a culture of “thirtysomething” and “let’s meet for drinks 7ish” . Even Anymommy did it. We’re imprecise. Why shouldn’t kids capitalize on that?

She tells me that she’ll text me when she’s leaving soccer practice, so that I can pick her up.

“Leaving nowish,” she texts at 5.
“What does that mean?” I text back.
“Please text me when you are actually leaving,” I text. Which takes about an hour because I am a slow texter.
“I did.”
“Nowish isn’t now.”
“Ok ish.”

Kids! They say the darnest thingsish.


My note to you. Yes you. Stop staring at the screen and saying “me?” Other people can see you do that, you know. No, not the people inside the computer, the people around you.

Anyway. You. If you haven’t checked out The Mouthy Housewives this week, you’ve missed advice on what to do if your husband updates his Facebook status with “I had an orgasm!” and whether it’s normal not to want to have morning sex and a drawing that makes me happy whenever I see it, so I keep clicking over to it because I like to be happy.

But today is a real treat! Because today is The Mouthy Housewives’ first ever Vlog. That’s right. Advice delivered via video. So click on over and enjoy. I promise you will laugh. No ish about it.

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