by Marinka on July 5, 2009

My stepson’s mother passed away this weekend. She has been ill for a while, terminally ill and although we knew that this day would be here, it still transformed me.

I lay awake last night, thinking about her. I remember the first time that I met her. I was so nervous to meet my husband’s ex and worried about the little things (is she prettier than I am) and the big things (will there be pettiness between us).

She has always been kind and lovely. And generous and thoughtful and she made things easier not only between me and her son, but for my children as well. She embraced them and she loved them and they are mourning her too.

But today, my heart is with my stepson because I cannot imagine what it is like to lose your mother in your teens. As though being a teenager doesn’t suck enough.

If you do the prayer/good thoughts thing–please.
Otherwise, have a glass of pinot grigio and enjoy a beautiful day. Because it’s way too fleeting.

xo M

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