by Marinka on June 23, 2009

You know how I usually blog every day and I haven’t for the past two days and you probably thought that I was dead? Well, the good news is that as of 3:30 Tuesday afternoon I am not, but the bad news is that I am recovering from last night’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight episode and will be so for the foreseeable future.

I think that they are trying to destroy my marriage. The uber-popular Gosselins Without Pity blog asked me to recap an episode for their blog and I happily agreed. I’ve never been asked to recap anything before (probably because all other recap sites are anti-Semitic) so I took my assignment extremely seriously. As though I were overseeing President Obama’s launch into space with the Jolie-Pitt twins. I’m picking the twins because they are the youngest and the most vulnerable. Not because they’re the whitest.

Anyway, I made sure that both DVRs were recording and then, ten minutes into it, I positioned myself with my mini to watch and recap.

Now I’ve mentioned before that Husbandrinka and I are televisionally incompatible. I love trash TV and he doesn’t understand why we need a television set. I gloss over our differences by pretending that I am either not watching TV or am constantly checking the weather. He is usually working in the office, but yesterday he was in the bedroom, where I was watching the goodness, packing for a trip. Or to leave me forever.

“Why are there so many of them?” he asked.
“They’re sextuplets,” I explained while typing away. OMG, am I supposed to do a transcript like retelling?
“There are more than six,” he told me.
“Listen,” I said, hitting the pause button. “You can’t talk to me while I’m doing this. I have to concentrate.” I rewound a little.
“Why do you have to concentrate? I don’t even understand why you’re doing this. Can’t people just watch it themselves, does it really have to be explained to them?”
This is what I have to live with.

It’s like the drama of Jon & Kate is playing itself out in my very own bedroom. All I need are six extra kids to come around. And maybe some freebies.
So now that the show is on hiatus (you know, for a month), I am ready to take over.

TLC, call me!

I only have two kids, but I can make it seem like a lot more.

And don’t miss more life saving advice--are we all responsible for the mess that is Jon & Kate?

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