Romantic Dinner Conversation

by Marinka on February 16, 2009

Topics that Husbandrinka and I Discussed While Out At Dinner on Valentine’s Day Eve

1. The tragedy of the Continental flight which crashed in Buffalo.

2. How we fly Continental to North Carolina all the time.

3. How if you fly a lot, it’s only a matter of time.

4. How the house in New Jersey where Husbandrinka grew up was built on the site of a factory that made glow-in- the-dark watches.

5. How no, he made a mistake. It was the site of a glass factory, the field where he played soccer was the former site of the factory that made glow-in-the-dark watches.

6. How he might have shared this information with me before he impregnated me twice.

7. How he was sure that he’d told me, but I never listen.

8. How he doesn’t understand why I’m so freaked out about this. Wasn’t I a Chernobyl survivor myself?

9. How no, unlike the watches, I don’t glow in the dark, and Chernobyl happened like 10 years after I left the Soviet Union and for crying out loud, if he thought that I’d survived Chernobyl, didn’t he wonder why I never ever talked about it? I mean, I talk about everything. Jesus Christ.

10. How unfortunate it is when Valentine’s Day coincides with my PMS so that I overreact to casual dinnertime banter.

Bonus: How when I commented that next time we should get to the restaurant before 7pm to take advantage of the recession-friendly prixe fixe, Husbandrinka took my hand in his and gazing into my eyes warned, “but then we’ll be on that slippery slope to the early bird special.”

This is why I want to grow old with him. (And no one else asked me).

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