Trying on Clothes

by Marinka on May 20, 2009

If anyone is feeling a little too full of themselves, I recommend that you take my daughter clothes shopping with you. Because she will give you her honest opinion, which will lead to lots of money saving as you put every single item of clothing back and run screaming from the store.
Here are the top ten things that Fashionistka said to me as I tried on clothes in a mall in North Carolina this spring.

1. I can’t picture you in that. And after I put it on: Yeah, I thought so.
2. Green isn’t really your color. You’re so pretty, mommy. But not in blue, either.
3. Hmm. Maybe with your hair down. And your roots dyed.
4.OMG, what size is that? (By the way, if you don’t have a child of snappy comeback age, OMG is spoken out loud as Oh Em Gee. To which I say, GMAFB. (Gee EM an Eff Bee) In my head, of course,
5. I’m so glad clothes look good on me! (said while staring in mirror).
6. Why do you have extra skin there?
7. Aww, dimples! On your legs!
8. I want to get an Itunes giftcard.
9. No, I like the red on you. You’re not going to wear that around my friends, right?

I did buy a dress. A Marilyn Monroe number, but in red. In case I suddenly wake up with Michelle Obama arms. Or a lobotomy.

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