by Marinka on February 14, 2013

It’s impossible to explain why we love who we love.

Well, maybe not impossible, but definitely a lot of work, and who has time for that these days?!

It’s like explaining a scent, we can say ‘vanilla based” or “greens” and it evokes an understanding, a thought of the scent but not the scent itself. We need to smell to know.

At least I do.

Maybe it’s easier with love.

When I tell you that I love Mama and Papa and Husbandrinka and my children, it’s not shocking. It’s expected. If we are very lucky, we know what it means to love to love our parents, our partner, our children.

So I don’t feel that I need to tell you about how Mama makes me laugh at the most unexpected times or how my husband feels like home to me. I hope that my love for my children is evident whenever I post, (even if you squint and tilt your head to the left.)

But sometimes, despite my love and adoration of all things that are my children, I get so overtaken by who they are. By the fact that my daughter is so, so smart and so, so beautiful, she is so whimsical and so exactly her own person.

She told me they were giving out stickers at school. And that you could write whatever you wanted on them.

And this is what she wrote.


I know I’m her mother and therefore predestined to be charmed by everything she does (disclaimer: Some exceptions apply) but I just fell in love with this.

Head over heels.

Here’s to love. Because we all deserve it.


Know what no one deserves? These gifts!

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