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Let Them Eat Cake

by Marinka on May 15, 2011

Last week, my kids’ school had Cake Day.

Everyone could participate and bake a cake at home and bring it to school to be admired and either donated or eaten afterwards.

Personally, I’m more of a cake eater than a cake baker. For some reason that life skill isn’t valued as much.

Unfortunately, Young Ladrinka had his heart set on making an Angry Birds cake.

“Fine,” I gave up. “But you have to find the recipe.”

He was on it. A few minutes later, he printed this out:

“This is not a recipe,” I told him. “A recipe tells you what the ingredients are.”

“Any idiot can see what goes into it,” he explained. “We need cake, and red, yellow and white colors.”

He had a strong point.

We made a box-mix cake and then added red food dye to the vanilla frosting. The box said to add 25 drops to transform vanilla frosting to red, but at drop 45 we were still at Horrifying OMG-MY CAKE IS RUINED pink, so we dumped the whole red dye container in, along with some of our blood, mixed with tears. Good thing that red dye is so healthy!

But the results were spectacular.


Angry (and Possibly Constipated) Bird

I know what you’re thinking: Young Ladrinka and I should start taking cake orders.