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I Love My Husband

by Marinka on February 18, 2012

Even though on January 10th he lost his wedding ring.

He’d lost weight in the last few years, and it was loose on his finger.

Because I respect our marriage, I have not lost any weight and my wedding ring is safely embedded in my finger.

He knew he should have it sized, except he’s a man, so he didn’t know that you could get it sized, just smallerized.

But he didn’t. Because even though it had fallen off his finger several times, he always found it.

Once his son found it on the sidewalk outside our apartment building. In the West Village, in NYC.

It was a sign.

I’m not sure of what, but a sign.

But on January 10th, he lost it.

He was walking from the office to a reception, listening to his iPod and because when some music he didn’t like came on, he had to take off his glove to advance it, and he thinks that’s where it happened.

He looked sad.

This probably means our marriage is over, I told him.

But I also tried to help.

What street was it on? I asked, donning my Nancy Drew hat on.

And he told me.

Unfortunately it involved the words Times Square.

He probably lost it on purpose, Peajaye suggested.

Days passed. Weeks.

Husbandrinka was weddingringless.

Are many women throwing themselves at you? I asked.

No, he said.

It was a sad time for everyone. But our marriage survived.

Until last night.

We went out for a romantical dinner.

See anything different about me?
he asked.

He was wearing a wedding ring.

It was very gold. And shiny. And snug.

Wow, I said. How much?

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say about jewelry?



I know.

When I bought your wedding ring originally, it was $200.

That was 15 years ago. The price of gold went up.


Ha ha! Worth its weight in gold! Good one, me!

It’s almost $2,000 an ounce now.

Why didn’t we buy gold when we could? Why? We could have had a gold farm. Why are people investing in other stuff like stock and education when they should be buying gold?! Hey, how much do you think I can get for my wedding ring?

The good news is that he has a wedding ring now. The bad news is that we can’t afford to pay for dinner.