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Have a Nice Day

by Marinka on February 16, 2012

Here’s a conversation that I recently had with my husband:

I have a theory.


Do you want to know what it is?

No, Marinka, I really don’t.

Funny. I’ll tell you. I have a theory that when people say “have a nice day” they’re really thinking “fuck you.”

That’s quite a theory.

I know, I’m very proud of it.

It doesn’t make sense, but theories don’t have to.

Yes, it does make sense. Because if you’re having a fight with someone on the message board they’ll often end their rant with “have a nice day” and you know they’re thinking “fuck you.”

Somehow I manage to get through my day without getting into “message board” fights.

You’re a lucky man.

I don’t waste my time on bullshit.

Do you ever say have a nice day to anyone?


So why would someone say it?

Because people don’t know how to end a conversation. It’s just something to say.

Don’t you think it’s weird? Why can’t they just say “this conversation now seems to be over.”

That’s basically what it means. It’s another way of saying goodbye.

I think you’re wrong.

I don’t think so.

I do.

Have a nice day, Marinka.