Can’t Blog Now, Must Have a Nervous Breakdown!

by Marinka on June 9, 2009

My kids have summer birthdays which is a blessing because all of their friends are away on vacation so we can’t have huge birthday parties.

I was especially grateful for this when my daughter announced that she wanted to have her birthday on Coney Island. You know, with a roller coaster. Please. I get vertigo on an escalator. So that’s on hold.

But my son somehow Jedi mind-tricked me into having his birthday party on the last day of school when all the kids are super hyped up by the prospect of SUMMER VACATION! and FREEDOM!!! So not only are we having a party with every single child from his class at the karate place where they will each get to break a board with their foot (don’t forget your health insurance cards, celebrants!) but then, in my son’s infinite wisdom, and my complete lack of a backbone, all the boys from his class will be coming to my house to sleep over.

Is it too much to hope that a meteorite will hit Earth before that day?

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