Like Gloria Gaynor, I will Survive

by Marinka on June 22, 2008

I’m guessing that your weekend was filled with angst and anticipation because you were wondering whether I cleaned my freezer and was able to fit in the birthday ice cream cake. Yes? Well, just for you, this is the freezer “after” picture.

I spent about 15 minutes googling “Martha Stewart Organized freezer”, but I didn’t come up with anything appropriate, so I had to ask my husband to upload the photo of the real thing. I think he may be looking for a divorce attorney with weekend hours, by the way.

The sleepover is over and it looks like I made it!

We had four boys, including the birthday boy, and they were all well behaved, had tons of fun and no one got hurt. I will, of course, be counting the knives and shaking their bags on their way out, but I am super relieved that it’s over!

My son had the standard post-birthday, post-sleepover meltdown and has already announced that so far being seven is filled with heartache, not the least of which is that I’m mean because I won’t let him play the Wii non-stop.

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sofie June 23, 2008 at 2:30 pm

Sure, YOU will survive, but what about that poor goldfish? Was he a guest at your LAST slumber party? And did it occur to you to show him to the prospective guests at this most recent party, so they’d know what they’re in for?

I have never seen a four-year-old goldfish corpse, not even on the Internet. So I have to thank you for that, even though I’m posting it in the wrong Comments section. Thank you.


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