Remedial Blog School is on Break

by Marinka on July 28, 2009

I had a Remedial Blog School Post about comments all ready for you today, except that I didn’t write it and I was afraid that you would notice. Because if there is one thing that I know about you is that you are super smart. And beautiful. Except for that one, over there. But we love her, too.

I have been busy basking in the BlogHer afterglow (although if it doesn’t go away soon, I’m going to a dermatologist) and getting ready for house guests. Because Husbandrinka, despite his many documented personality flaws, has awesome friends and one of them is coming to NYC with his kids. Three kids. The problem is that we stayed with them in France last year and his kids are much better behaved than our kids and speak with a cute accent, so I’ve been busy trying to whip my kids into shape. Apparently, you’re supposed to teach them manners prenataly or something and my screeching, “elbows off the table, motherfuckers” is too late.

And tomorrow night another friend is coming over with her four kids for dinner. Honestly, I’m afraid to count how many kids that makes altogether.

So, practice commenting on this post and we’ll learn how to do it correctly next week. I’ll be linking to the best and worst comments and handing out dunce caps, so be careful with those “First!” comments, ok?

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