Some Babbling That You May Have Missed

by Marinka on May 31, 2012

Hey, did you know that I’m writing for Babble Kid Scoop now? Because I haven’t mentioned it for a few hours.

Here are some of my favorite posts (that I wrote myself) for Babble for May. Really, if I could give myself some kind of an award, I would.

Seven Important Moments That Your Teen Totally Won’t Care About. Like all the first. Also if she was breastfed.

I got all sentimental about finding old plastic not-quite-sippy cup covers.

I’m proud to be a helicopter parent. Sorry, free range isn’t for me. (Except I’m not sorry.)

Why I blog about my kids even though they’ve asked me not to.

There is no book that I hated in high school more than Moby Dick. What about you?

I join the fun in the who do you love more: your husband or your kids debate by bravely confessing that I love my kids more than I love Nicki, the cat. (Don’t tell Nicki.)

Parenting controversies that I’m totally over. Breast vs. Bottle, I’m looking at you.

There is a long list of things that my kids know how to do and I don’t. Like play the piano.

Funny words that kids mispronounce. Torteweenie for dinner!

I’m closing comments on this one, so please hold your applause. But I’ll be back soon with a real post. Is it me or is this short week a million days long?!

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