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skin cancer

My biopsy results came back and I have Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which sounds absolutely disgusting. (Disclosure: Affiliate link! Kidding!)

The skin doctor (or,the dermatologist, for you fancy native English speakers) gave me a brochure about it, which confirmed that it is, indeed, very unglamorous.

The brochure explains that it’s the second most common cancer of the skin, a tumor that arises on the outer layer of the skin, and, adding to the indignity, affects the middle aged and the elderly.

How rude!

Can’t they just say that it affects the glamorous disproportionately? Like who’s going to argue that? This is exactly why people hate medical brochure writers.

The good news is that it is very treatable and that with my calm outlook on life and British stiff upper lip, I should be fine. I’m going to look on the bright side! I mean, it’s not like anyone’s ever died of cancer.


Fuck it, I’m going to milk this.