Tuesday in Review

by Marinka on June 5, 2009

I wanted to do a Week in Review post, like I’ve done in the past after I ripped the idea off from Wendi, but I realized that everything that was fun about my week happened on Tuesday.

So, Tuesday in review:

1. I wake up with neck pain. I quickly put two and two together, where the first two is that I know that Le Shallow Gal had neck pain last week and the second two is that neck pain is an unknown symptom of the Swine Flu and I come up with I will be dead before noon. I email Le Shallow Gal with this news, and a few veiled accusations about her part in this trans-email transmission and she is totally unsympathetic.

2. I have a meeting at the kids’ school and ask mama and papa to babysit from 6 to 9, so that I can attend. Papa calls me at 2 pm and says “I’m at your house, I’m ready!” When I mention that he is four hours early he says, “well, in this economy, I like to put in the extra effort.”

3. Later in the afternoon, I see papa, who has a background in medicine. “My neck hurts,” I tell him, hoping that he will suggest pain relief. Papa says, “when a person weighs a lot, it puts stress on their body and can cause pain.” “But I didn’t gain any weight overnight,” I say. “You may have gained a few ounces and that was the ounce that broke the camel’s neck.”

4. On the way home from school, my son and I have the following conversation:

Son: Is it wrong to steal?
Me: Yes. Yes, it is.
Son: Is it wrong to steal back?

And just like that, I’m stumped. A guy walking ahead of us turns around, smiles and says to me, “I’ll let you handle this one.” As though he and I are co-parents or something.

What do you think? If someone steals something from you, like say a Pokemon card, is it ok to steal it back? The responses from various family members was “yes, and you should beat up the person who stole it from you” and “but only if you’re bigger that the original thief”.

Oh, and an update! I went on neck diet and it really worked! I lost neck weight and now my neck doesn’t hurt at all!

I am doing Free Association at Ann’s Rants today, so please visit me there for a terrifying peek into how my mind works.

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