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by Marinka on June 27, 2008

My son’s godfather, who is not that godly but is one of my favorite people that my husband introduced me to, gave my son this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle for his birthday. He also gave him other stuff that makes noise, requires batteries and will likely require skills that I do not have to assemble, but we are obsessed with the puzzle for the time being. And by “the time being”, I mean forever. It is from Japan, there is no English writing on it and it’s fantastic.

In case the puzzle obsession reasons aren’t obvious, they can be summarized in one word: Pokemon. Because the jigsaw puzzle features every single Pokemon ever, in very tiny photographic print, with the Pokemon’s original Japanese names written in Japanese. And did I mention that there are Pokemon?

When my son opened the gift he looked a little like I must look at sample sales. Or at least the way I think that I would look if I were told that I could shop with Monopoly money and all outfits size 8 and below would fit me like a glove. A supple leather glove. (I’m going for happiness here).

There was a packet of squishy stuff inside, which at first I thought was edible (always a good assumption), but upon reflection I decided that it was special glue to add the finishing touch for the puzzle. Since all the writing on the not-edible packet is in Japanese, I have no idea how to apply the glue, of course, but the good news is that we are only 485 pieces away from that!

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