Vacation Sedation

by Marinka on March 20, 2009

Breaking News! Julie B won the Wizard of Oz tickets giveaway! Congratulations, Julie! And don’t forget to enter the Thomas giveaway. The instructions are to your left, just click on Thomas! Go ahead, do it! If you’re like me, it’ll be the most exercise you get all weekend.

Next week, I will be on vacation. But don’t worry, I have a full week of posts lined up for you. Guest bloggers so fun and exclusive that if I told you who they are in advance, I would have to kill you. And I can’t be running around killing you because, like I may have mentioned, I’m going on vacation and I don’t have time to dig a mass grave.

We’re budget vacationing this year at my parents’ house in the Catskils. The pros are that we can bring Nicki and that it’s super cheap. The cons are that last spring break we went to PARIS. Fortunately, as you may know, Paris is a moveable feast, so next week it will be relocated to upstate New York. Sucks for people who really are going to Paris, of course.

Also, I’ll be whining nonstop at Secret Spineless Whine, so this may be a good time to skip on over there and subscribe to its feed. Because whines are like snowflakes and no two are the same.

Although I plan on reading blogs while I’m away, for some reason it takes decades for comment forms to load, so I’ll be commenting telepathically. Please put your foil hats on, so as to better receive my signals.

Have a great weekend!

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