Whoever Said That Celebrities Are Just Like You and Me is a Liar. And an Asshole

by Marinka on April 7, 2009

This morning, I saw Kathy Lee Gifford sitting at one of the Starbucks tables at the Rockefeller Center plaza. Or whatever that thing is called that’s in Rockefeller Center just slightly under the ice skating ring. The one where I was in line for coffee one day and the Big Voice came on and said “We are asking people to leave the area” over and over again and not one person got out of line, because we need coffee, dammit, we can’t evacuate before we’re fully awake. I love New York.

Anyway, Kathy Lee Gifford was sitting there in a yellow dress, talking on the phone and looking fantastic. Yes, Kathy Lee, is absolutely beautiful, glowing, youthful, just get your own thesaurus out and find all those nice words. Seriously, I hope that I look that good when I’m 400. And it’s not fair. Because she’s like a V-list celebrity and even she looks great. Fuck.

Speaking of celebrities, I’m guest posting on The Sweet Life today about my recent celebrity sighting. And just to make your clicking over there worthwhile, I’m also sharing my super-secret number one diet tip! See you at The Sweet Life!

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