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November 2010

The One Where I’m As Bad as a Pedophile

by Marinka on November 29, 2010

Today, I read Jill’s (aka Scary Mommy‘s!) excellent post on The Stir — Top 10 Reasons I Hate Your Kids.  Jill is hysterical, as always, and her list is great–and totally relatable.  Because, duh. Kids are gross.

I read, I laughed and I left a comment.  It has since been removed, so I don’t have it verbatim, but it went something like this:

Great post! I hate kids, too! I swear, I don’t know how pedophiles do it!

I left the comment and went on with my day.  Washing the lepers’ wounds and all that.

And then I checked back.

To see this response to my comment:

This was a very funny article, but the above comment is truly disturbing. Why the hell would you drag a topic like pedophiles into this? You’re pretty much just as sick for letting your mind even go there. Wtf???

OMG, do you think she’s right?

Am I as bad as a pedophile?!

And she wasn’t alone:

“This was a very funny article, but the above comment is truly disturbing. Why the hell would you drag a topic like pedophiles into this? You’re pretty much just as sick for letting your mind even go there. Wtf???”

I agree. What?!?!

How do pedophiles “do it” ?

Pedophiles do not love and care for children, they abuse them and ruin their lives.

The article was funny enough but that comment was just sad.

It was.  So, so sad.

But every day is an opportunity to learn something new, so I’m grateful that I learned that pedophiles don’t really love children, and don’t, in fact, have their best interests at heart.

For the record, I oppose pedophilia.  Very, very strongly.

And I also oppose people who have no fucking sense of humor.


I’m Right, You’re Wrong!

by Marinka on November 29, 2010

Welcome to a very happy Thank Goodness Thanksgiving is Over installment of I’m Right, You’re Wrong.

Today, we are tackling the dilemma of Marinka’s holiday gift list.

See, Marinka’s 8 year old godson is on her gift list and this year, instead of giving him Leggos-DS-Puzzles-Books, Marinka wants to give him a more meaningful gift.  Where more meaningful equals she can get it online, while supporting Oxfam.

Cast of Disagreers:  Marinka and Various Family Members Who Wish to Remain Anonymous Lest They Be Mistaken For Capitalist Pigs.

Disagreement: Is  a Bag of Manure a Good Gift for an 8 Year Old Boy?  How About a Can of Worms?

(Explanation:  This is a gift that’s donated  in the name of the giftee to a needy family/community by Oxfam.  And to answer Papa’s question, neither the donor nor the giftee needs to produce the manure him/herself.  Although, yes, Papa, that would be a nice touch.)

Position One:  Kids have enough crap!  Isn’t the gift of helping others the best gift we can give them?

Position Two: A child’s holiday gift isn’t the time or place to push one’s communist agenda.  Give them a gift and donate shit on our own time.

What do you think?


And not to pressure you or anything, but have you entered my very special Oxfam giveaway?  You can win a goat!  What loved one wouldn’t love to find that in his stocking?

And enter Wendi’s giveaway to get your own manure!  I mean, not your own, of course.  It’s a figure of speech. Weirdo.

P.S.  For those of you wondering why don’t I just inflict this on my own children, instead of my godson:  I may well. I already discussed it with my kids and gave them options of gifts that can be given on their behalf.  My 12 year old daughter, who I swear is an angel who walks among us, immediately asked to donate a water purifier.  Young Ladrinka, 9, was a little less enthusiastic and a little more “YOU’RE KIDDING, RIGHT?”  It’s a work in progress.


Do I Stay or Do I Go?

November 27, 2010

I am undecided. Earlier this year, I signed up to attend Mom 2.0, a blogging conference in April. I’ve heard great things about this conference, it’s smaller than BlogHer and it’s in New Orleans. Husbandrinka reassured me that New Orleans  reconstituted their police force, and I bought my ticket to the conference and also an […]

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My Son, Oprah’s Favorite Things, Black Friday and I’m About To Vomit

November 26, 2010

Maybe it’s because my 9 year old has been driving me crazy. He tells me that he wants an Xbox Kinect, which is apparently the latest in the must-have electronics among the pre-pubescent and the arrested development set. He wants it for Christmas, so no rush. He tells me this on the subway, on our […]

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November 24, 2010

Be thankful that you don’t have to drink this. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sleep With Whomever You Want

November 23, 2010

Sometimes I feel really left out of the “mommy wars” debates. Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, stay at home moms vs. work outside the home moms, crying it out vs. going insane. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that my kids are older, 12 and 9, and these issues are far behind me. And […]

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Hey, TSA, Scan THIS

November 22, 2010

Has everyone gone insane? I mean, has everyone lost their fucking minds? Let me get this straight. There’s a new rule that everyone going through airport security gets scanned. So that their pubic bone appears on the scanner x-ray-like. And if you don’t want people to know that you have a pubic bone, you can […]

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I’m Right, You’re Wrong

November 21, 2010

Today, having alienated everyone in my family with past I’m Right, You’re Wrong installments, I’m bringing in new blood, aka Kelcey, the author of the brilliant MamaBird Diaries and mom to four kids. Including a set of twins. But just because she’s funny and smart and has gorgeous kids doesn’t mean that she can’t be […]

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