25 Random Things (times 9)! About Our Cat Nicki

by Marinka on February 21, 2009

(with apologies to the always hysterical–as in funny, not that she has a Wondering Womb, Wendi.)

1. Her shelter name was “Kendra”.
2. Is that the same as her birth name or what? I mean, how do they know that’s her name?
3. You know how when we first got her I said that she was a really low key, perfect pet who slept all the time? Well, it turns out that she was sick. She’s better now and is running around like a maniac. (If you know how to get some feline bioweapons, email me!)
4. Husbandrinka refuses to touch the litter box.
5. Holy shit, I can’t believe all these people did a list of twenty five things. I’m already stuck on number 5 and I’m pretty sure that Nicki is more interesting than some of those Facebook people.
6. We trimmed Nicki’s claws last weekend.
7. While the trimming was going on, my papa was saying things like “I believe that cats should have claws and be free.”
8. We are looking into assisted living facilities for papa.
9. Oh yeah, Nicki came pre-spayed and for some reason her stitches were green. I am thinking about having them replaced with something more flattering to her fur tone. Sure, we’re on a budget now, but is this where we should be making cutbacks? It’s not like we’re going to replace hysterectomy stitches every year, right?
10. Seriously, who the fuck came up with this 25 things idea? Is our country not in deep enough shit already?
11. This morning Nicki chased her own tail. I told my son that he used to do that when he was a baby too and he said “I didn’t have a tail…DID I?” I totally could have pulled it off if Husbandrinka and my daughter didn’t say “of course not” and then gave me the stink eye, like lying to children was “bad” instead of “low-cost fun”.
12. I don’t know how we’re going to tell Nicki that she’s adopted.
24. Wow, this list is really moving along!
25. Our nicknames for Nicki are: Nicolette, Nickelodean, Channel 6 (because that’s the channel that Nickelodeon is on in NYC), Nicky Shmicky and Nix. Yes, I realize that most of thse are longer than “Nicky” and may not qualify as nicknames. Or Nickynames.

This has been really fun! And fantastic prep for my lobotomy! Happy Sunday! See you tomorrow for Mortification Monday!

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