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by Marinka on February 20, 2009

You know how sometimes you’ll get an email and it’ll have that “Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device” thing on the bottom. What is that for, exactly?

I think it’s there to make everyone who does not have a Blackberry feel bad about their lives. Like me. Like should my email say “sent from a piece of shit with dial up” on the bottom, since we’re being all confessional here?

Well, it won’t say that because my email is sent from a Vivienne Tam HP Mini and it totally kicks some Blackberry ass.


First of all, because I get to use it. Second of all, because it looks awesome and has a real keyboard so that while you’re typing you don’t look like you’ve just been awarded your first set of opposable thumbs and you’re taking them out for a maiden voyage. Third of all, because when you take it out in public you get all sorts of envious attention from everyone around. (And I live in NYC, so I can just imagine how the Vivienne Tam HP mini is going to play in Peoria.) And isn’t that why we buy things in the first place–to elicit insane jealousy? Oh, it’s not? Then explain to me that Sent from my BlackBerry legend again, please.

Seriously–HP let me try out their Vivienne Tam mini and it is fantastic. It is super light (like half an ounce or something. Disclaimer: I’m not a weights and measures specialist!) super fast (it’s the cheetah of computers!) fucking gorgeous (which I didn’t realize was a requirement for computers, but now that I’ve had one, no way am I going to the plain old laptop, like some sort of a cavewoman). And the bonus is that since I’ve had access to one, I’ve had far fewer reasons to leave the bed. Yes, I stay in bed, with the TV on, and blog on the mini. And read blogs. And try to find the solution to the Middle East conflict (I’m worried that I was sounding a little too lazy).

And my 10 year old daughter is all over it. She loves it. This is the child who has been asking me for a laptop while the obstetrician was C-sectioning her out of me. She thinks that my telling her to use my Dell laptop is a severe case of child abuse. “A DELL?” she asked. “I need an Apple notebook.” Yes, Ms. Bradshaw. So I assumed that the Mini was safe from her. Wrong. She loves it so much that she told me that she wants one instead of the Apple. And my son, who doesn’t give a shit about laptops told me that if she’s getting one, then he wants the Lego Star Wars set that, and I’m not even making this up, costs $700. Seriously, what lunatic pays that kind of money for Lego? Oh yeah, the kind of lunatic that doesn’t want to hear her kid whining anymore. Lego? Call me.

Blogged on a Vivienne Tam HP Mini, while sipping Vueve Cliquot champagne and eating truffles, bathed in Creed Spring Flowers perfume and wearing a..fur coat.

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