Bubble, Bubble, Toilet and Trouble

by Marinka on September 18, 2009

The other evening I came home late, after a full day of making sure that the earth kept spinning on its axis and as I sat down to have dinner, my 8 year old son ran to me and said, “here, hold this!” and handed me a lime popsicle. Apparently he had to go to the bathroom and wanted me to be his lime popsicle assistant.

“I’m EATING!” I said because I pity the fool who comes between me and a meal and he said, “No prob! I got it!” and hopped to the bathroom with the popsicle. Then he came out.

“I just held it in my other hand!” he announced.

Potty training doesn’t stop when they’re out of diapers, you know.

But I know all about potty jokes and how to curtail them. Bow to my wisdom here. And while you’re there, enter our contest and win a book. It’ll make you smart and shit.

P.S. Spell check is giving me a lot of trouble because it keeps saying that “popsicle” is spelled “Popsicle”. But I’m not falling for it.

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