Guess Who’s Pregnant?

by Marinka on May 21, 2009

See, I thought that it would be a fun to ask my kids “guess who’s pregnant?” five minutes before we left for school. And it was sort of fun to see their faces drop down to my midsection and look mortified.

“Ha ha, not me!” I said because I didn’t think that I could pull off the grammatically correct, “Not I!”

Then they listed a few more geriatrics and adolescents and when I finally gave them the winning clue, “one of my friends that we visited this year and at whose house we stayed overnight and also her name is Kathryn!” and they were all like “Really?! Is she having a boy or a girl?” and I said, “guess!” and my son guessed “girl”, with resignation, and I said “nope, one more chance!” and they both guessed “boy” because they are geniuses.

So when I told mama this story she asked me why didn’t I mention to the children that in order to be pregnant, you have to be married and that many of the people they’d guessed were totally single and unmarried and that I totally missed a teaching moment.

Incidentally, this is why I drink.

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