The One Where I Seek Your Advice And Offer Nothing In Return

by Marinka on July 9, 2009

Today I am breaking a longstanding tradition of giving and giving to you and ask for something in return. Advice.

Mama and papa are friends with a woman whose daughter is a modeling casting director which I guess is different from a modeling agent. The daughter is friends with papa and she told him that if he wanted my kids to model she’d have them placed in what I can only assume is a finger snap gesture.

I found out about this when mama was telling me how papa blamed all of Michael Jackson’s problems on his parents forcing him into show business and then he relayed this modeling story and said “never in a million years”.

So I started thinking about it and although before I always thought that people who pushed their kids into modeling and/or “acting” were sort of horrific, I wa$ $ort of recon$idering.

I mean, I haven’t updated my wardrobe in months. No new purses, no new shoes, nothing.

I discussed it with Husbandrinka and he agrees with me, although he doesn’t see the “no new purses, no new shoes” things in the same Greek Tragedy light that I do. Because he has no heart. Or soul. But that’s another post.

So I broached the subject with papa and he was horrified. “It’ll ruin their childhood,” he said.

Apparently, ruining childhood is frowned upon.

“But they could do it part time,” I cried. As in tears.

“You can also prostitute part time, still makes you a prostitute.”

Yeah, but just a part-time prostitute. You could still do totally good works during the other times.

So, he’s opposed.

I could approach this woman myself, but that seems wrong. She’s papa’s friend! (Although papa doesn’t follow the fashion and entertainment press. As was evidenced last weekend when he asked me if I’d been a fan of “Sarah Fawcett”.)

I would never do it just blind, going to those cattle calls. Because I get drained easily and that chardonnay isn’t going to drink itself, you know.

Disclosures: I haven’t asked my kids if they’re interested in that, because what kind of a person is “interested” in modeling?

“It’s great! You’ll…stand there.”

“Yay! Stand there!”

Also, because I know that everyone’s thinking it, papa’s friend’s daughter did not suggest that I model as well, but I think she’s just taking a hard bargaining stance.

What would you do?

What would Kathy Ireland do?

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