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by Marinka on June 13, 2009

Sometimes people Twitter quotes. I’m guessing it’s because they find them to be super profound and want to share the wisdom with the masses. It reminds me of high school yearbooks.

I had a mini anxiety attack when I realized that I’d have to put a quote under my picture in the high school yearbook. What’s that all about? Please come up with a pithy phrase that captures your adolescence and will explain to your future parole officer where it all went wrong. Of course you can’t put something like “fuck you, stupid whores who made my life miserable by looking at me as though I had BO which I certainly did not because, hello, at this rate it doesn’t seem like I’ll even start to develop until I’m premenopausal. Have a great summer!”

So instead I settled for “may the happiest days of our past be the saddest part of our future!” And to this day it bothers me.

Because I get it. The happy days of our past, may that happiness pale with the happiness that we are still to experience in the future. And may it pale to such a degree, in fact that the past happy days will be sad in comparison. Makes sense. For the clinically insane. Otherwise it sounds like a curse. Let’s say the happiest day of your past, when you’re in high school, is when this boy you adore from afar looks at you and smiles. Pretty groovy, right? (Disclaimer, I did not attend high school in the 1960s). Now THAT is supposed to be my saddest day? Why, because he’s stalking me now, right? Or am I in such a future state of constant euphoria that the black market Ecstasy market can’t keep up with my demand?

Just weird.

By the way, I googled the “happiest days of our past be the saddest days of our future” quote and apparently it’s a wedding toast. Jesus. What was I, thirty?

Do you remember what your high school yearbook quote was?

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