Vacation Math

by Marinka on June 14, 2009

School’s out and I’ve been busy designing a program of fun and education and so far, I’m hitting a lot of resistance. My daughter seems to have gotten the whole “BUT IT’S SUMMER VACATION” thing down for whenever I suggest anything that is not “have another snack!” or “you still have some functioning brain cells, please turn the TV back on!” At least I’m not the only one battling this.

Both kids got Math Review books from school and I put my Fred Flinstone Foot down and told them that there is no screen time until they do a lesson a day.

So far, it’s gone like this:

Young Ladrinka: opening book I don’t get it!
Marinka: opening wine Do your best!
Young Ladrinka: I’ve never seen this before.
Marinka: GRR! Let’s see. 68 minus 12? How would you do this?
Young Ladrinka: Well, 60 minus 10 is 50 and eight plus two and twelve, so sixty eight! Can I play the Wii now?
Marinka: fake smile of horror creeping to face How’s that, honey?
Young Ladrinka: Yeah, because when Mr. Ten runs away from Mrs. Sixty, their child Fifty is Born like Baby Jesus on Christmas.
Marinka: placing blood pressure cuff on arm
Young Ladrinka: Then the Eight Junior has a Playdate with 2 Twins, and hey, can I play Wii now?
Marinka: Yes, please.

Only eighty two more days until school starts! For anyone who wonders where does the time go, it goes into my having a nervous breakdown this summer.

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