Saturday Wrap Up

by Marinka on May 16, 2009

Items that don’t merit their own post, but put together, totally do!

Nicki doesn’t have cat AIDS! Husbandrinka said “it’s a banner day.” In other good news, I am almost finished with the kitty litter post that’s been haunting me. Monday. I think.

The new advice blog, The Mouthy Housewives is off to a great start. Last week alone we’ve advised on topics such as what to do when you hate your child’s friend, explained the art of foreplay and how to make sure that moms get a night out. We’re this close to having this whole world peace thing worked out. If you have a question that you’d like The Mouthy Housewives to tackle, please email us at

Yesterday at a local spring fair, my son ate 4 ice creams. I’m so proud.

This morning my daughter said “wouldn’t it save a lot of papers if there were no books?” I think she’s planning a boycott.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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