Vacation Math Redux. To the Second Higher Power

by Marinka on August 12, 2009

So you may remember that earlier this summer I had this great idea that my kids would work on their math every single day and that twenty seconds later I had to give up that dream.

Except a few days ago, when Young Ladrinka was taking off his pants to count to eleven, Husbandrinka said “whatever happened to your math plans with the kids?” I’ll be honest. There was a tinge of judgmentalness in his question, with an accent on the “mental”.

So I mumbled something along the lines of “oh yeah, I’m on it” or some other huge lie, and then I had a great idea. My kids were going to the dacha this week with mama and papa, so I’d throw in the math books in for educational fun for everyone,and a whole shitload of birds are killed with one mathematical stone and my evenings are freed up to catch up on Real Housewives of Atlanta. By the way, why don’t they dub that shit? I’m not fluent in Southernese.

Mama and papa heard my idea and applauded my wisdom and initiative and everything was going honky dory when suddenly mama called me with alarming news.

It turns out that at the morning’s math session, Young Ladrinka explained to mama that he is “not interested in math right now”; that for him, school was a “waste of time” and that he and his co-defendants, I mean, friends, consider school “boring” and just want to “hang out together.”

So here’s my question: How come we all know from previous encounters with mama that this is like waving a huge, red flag in front of her, a flag that reads: LECTURE ME ON THE MERITS OF EDUCATION AND THE DANGERS OF LACK OF EDUCATION and Young Ladrinka has no idea? I mean, should I be concerned?

Of course, I’m sure NOW he knows not to say anything so provocative to my mother, because she told me that after she explained the road that lay ahead of him if he did not practice math and pay attention at school, a road paved with unemployment, poverty and limited Wii access, Young Ladrinka sobered up and said “I’ll have to tell my friends about this, so that they pay better attention in school.”

Let me know if you’d like to send your kids to spend a week with mama. You’ll be amazed at the results. Reasonable rates.

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