Welcome to Our Nightly Nicki!

by Marinka on March 31, 2006

So this morning I was thinking, “hey, I could have a daily feature and call it Our Daily Nicki and post pictures of Nicki because certainly there’s a demand for THAT” and it was a full three minutes before I realized why “Our Daily Nicki” sounded so familiar. 

I tackled that problem head on and decided to make it “Our Nightly Nicki” which is as different from DAILY Nicki as night and day.

And maybe I’ll even make it Fortnightly Nicki, assuming that I can figure out what that means.  Is that every two weeks?  Or maybe I can make it Seven Score Nicki.  Let me know.  But I have to admit that I’m heavily leaning towards Whenever The Hell I Remember It Nicki.  Catchy, no?

Oh yea–I know that the date on this post is three years off. I know it’s not 2006, so no need to scream through your computer screen for me to sell all my stock now, cash out the 401K and make a call to Madoff asking for my money back. I’m just having some technical difficulties, but I think that help is on the way.  

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