Welcome to a Week of Posts About How My Life Changed

by Marinka on October 4, 2009

Why a week? Because I recently read a long-ass post by someone else and in the middle of it I had to take some ADD medication just to get through it. I don’t want that to happen to you, because I care about you. So, I’m splitting a long-ass post into bite size pieces. And you’re welcome for that image of bite size ass, by the way!

Last weekend, on a flight to North Carolina, I read a great article about slow cookers in Oprah Magazine. It made me want to rush the cockpit and demand that the pilot land immediately at a kitchenware store so that I can get one. Because that is Oprah’s genius. She makes people want stuff.

For the uninitiated, a slow cooker, also known as a crock pot, is a ceramic cooking pot. You put in all the ingredients, plug it into an electrical outlet, go to work, and when you get home in the evening, dinner is ready and the house smells fantastic. I don’t know if people who are unemployed can use it. Going to work seems to be an essential step.

When we landed in North Carolina, I tweeted for crock pot advice, and Meghan linked me to a fantastic looking one from Target. I instantly became elated and pregnant with possibility. I shared the wonderful news with Husbandrinka and instead of sweeping me off my feet and hurrying to Target to get a crock pot of our own, he insisted that I abort the crock pot possibility.

See, according to Husbandrinka, getting a crock pot in North Carolina and bringing it on a plane to NYC wasn’t practical. Destroying my dreams and ruining my life, on the other hand, was extremely practical.

He suggested that I get it in New York instead, which shows that he knows absolutely nothing, since there are no Targets near us at all. Obviously, God put a Target near my inlaws’ house in North Carolina so that I could get a crock pot, but this kind of divine intervention is totally lost on him.

But whatever, I have better things to argue with Husbandrinka about. I placed an order on line. And then I waited for the crock pot to arrive.
Coming soon: The Crock Pot Arrives. But Will It Ruin My Marriage?

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