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November 2009

Undue Influence

by Marinka on November 30, 2009

You know how sometimes you’ll read a certain author and your writing sounds like theirs for a while? Well, this weekend I read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It was fantastic.


Click on the image, twice. It’s like a workout for your finger.


What I’ve Been Doing When Not Blogging Here

by Marinka on November 29, 2009

So, I’ve decided that my strategy for blogging success will be to steal other bloggers’ ideas. But, you know, only bloggers that I really like, so it’s like a really huge compliment.

This week, I’m honoring The Bloggess, who has a sort-of-weekly round up of things that she did when she wasn’t blogging on her blog. Of course when she’s not blogging, she’s visiting Japan, and I am doing something slightly less exotic, but baby steps, y’all. (Y’all also stolen from The Bloggess. I think she’s Appalachian.)

So here is what I’ve been doing while not blogging here:

Who the fuck are these people who curse in front of children? Motherfucking assholes, that’s who.

A mom asks for advice–should she let 10 year old see New Moon? All her friends are! I tell her what to do.

I was The Bloggess’ comment of the day. But it was like 4 days ago, so I’m pretty much comment of the year at this point.

I took my daughter to the circus. And it was awesome.

Want to win tickets to the opera?

The fabulous Lou Lour interviewed me about my dislike of all things Twilight.


Muse Attacked! Story at 11!

November 28, 2009

We drove to my parents’ dacha, in the Catskills, for Thanksgiving. I love the ride there, because the kids are usually watching a video, or listening to their iPods so I get to talk to Husbandrinka. He is driving, so he is a captive audience. “So, I was thinking,” I started. “You know how I’m […]

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Happy Thanksgiving. Your Manners Suck

November 26, 2009

Question: Let’s say you’re eating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. You cut the turkey meat, holding the knife in your right hand, and the fork in the left. Like a normal person. Do you then switch hands and hold the fork in your right hand, or keep holding it in your left hand, and eat like […]

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I Support MADD. But I’m Against Kristallnacht

November 25, 2009

I support MADD. And to the extent that you look to me for spiritual, moral and charitable guidance, I encourage you to consider supporting MADD, as well. But I don’t support this. One of my proudest achievements is that I weaned all my friends from sending me crap emails.  So imagine my surprise when the […]

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Some Celebrity Sightings Are Better Than Others

November 24, 2009

This afternoon, I saw Amy Ryan (Holly, The Office) and Patricia Clarkson (please tell me you know who she is, ok, fine The Green Mile, Six Feet Under) on the corner in the West Village, giving each other a quick hug. For a moment I thought, “hey, maybe I should join them? I mean, what’s […]

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What I Want

November 24, 2009

Last week, I attended Alpha Mom‘s inaugural Huddle.  If you are not familiar with Alpha Mom, get thee to the website and feast on its glory.  And I’m sorry to tell you that Isabel, who is the Alpha and also the Mom behind it, is so lovely and gracious that it really is a bit […]

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I am Going to Dedicate My Book to My Husband

November 23, 2009

I wake up on Saturday morning and announce to Husbandrinka that the first order of business is that I am going to write two pages of my MS. “That’s good,” he says.  “That’s how real writers do it.” “How do you even know that?” I ask.  Because Husbandrinka is very Kelcey when it comes to […]

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